BECx Course Outline


We have been developing and presenting versions of the BECx course for several years. We now have solid PowerPoint presentations for some 30 topics. Plus we have 4 interactive workshops that provide practice sessions to course participants. The course outline is below.



• History of the Commissioning Process

• Building Enclosure Cx process

• Existing Building Commissioning process

• On-going commissioning

• Total Building Cx

• Documentation

• Industry organizations

• Certifications

• Continuing and Fundamental Education

• Safety

• Business, contracts, legalities and insurance


Fundamental Knowledge:

• Building Science

• High Performance, Energy Efficiency and Daylighting

• Basics of Building Enclosures: Materials, Performance and Systems

• High Performance Building Enclosures: Criteria and Details

• Details and Interfaces

• Basics of HVAC

• Building Codes: Past, Current and High Performance Building Enclosures

• Building Enclosure Field Test Standards/Methods

• Appropriate tests for building enclosure systems

• Application of Field Testing method

• Post occupancy evaluation

• Facility engineer training


Participant Practice / Interactive Workshops:

• Development of the OPR

• Development of the BECx plan

• Performing a Design Review

• Development of the BECx specification


Supplemental Course Material:

• Building Enclosure Simulation Tools

• Integration of BECx and DLCx towards Total Building Cx

• Integrated Cx on High Performance buildings

• Project Delivery methods and impact on Cx

• What it takes to deliver successful projects

• Staffing