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Daylighting is unique in its ability to improve building quality and performance while saving energy at the same time.



Daylighting involves the integrated intraction of several buildings systems.

  • • Traditional construction processes ill-adapted to this.
  • • Difficulty of fixing problems once DL installed,
  • • So DLCx activities should focus on identifying & fixing beforehand.



Source: eLAD Project, LBNL, SuPerB etal


Daylighting is one of the most promising strategies for achieving high perfomance or net zero energy buildings.


The pie chart below tracks a typical code-compliant office in the mid-west US from code compliance (Say ASHRAE 90.1-2007) to Net Zero. If you start at Noon and proceed clockwise to noon again, you will go from code compliance to net zero.


As you cn see, daylighting is one of the 4 strategies with the most energy savings. Daylighting and Advanced Lightign together are by far the strategies with the most energy savings.




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Source: LBNL website on New York Times Bldg. daylighting & controls.